Failure to revise pieces to maintain a repertoire - having made the above point that just playing the material that you already know and can play right away can be a cop out that is not definitely a piano practice, and the opposite is typical for a couple of students. It may be astonishing to know that a lot of students, once they have learned a piano piece, are disinclined to ever practice or play it again, rather they prefer to always push ahead to the new or next piece. This addiction to finishing the lesson or the level is, for a couple of students, part of the appeal of online piano lessons. On the other hand, this can lead to a situation where students are not able to play anything for family, friends or visitors since the students has not finished the whole piece yet they are presently learning and they have forgotten most of the pieces they have learned before since they have not made it to a point of going over them from time to time so as to keep a repertoire of say five songs they can play on demand.


As a result, there is a balance that needs to be reached. At least once a week, allot some time in order to refresh your memory by means of revising a couple of piano pieces that you have already learned - not so you can stop practicing or learning something new, but then again, for the definite reason of keeping a repertoire that will let you share what you have learned to other people. Check out for more info about piano.


Utilizing wrong fingers - in online adult piano lessons, all the finger that you will require will be printed on the music sheet and it is there for a purpose. There are a lot of benefits to utilizing the right fingering one of which is, by means of deciding on a set of sequence of fingering for each and every piece and utilizing that finger continually, you are calling your muscle memory to assist you to learn as well as perform a piece with stability.



In so many words, aside from mentally learning the song, there is also a physical learning in which we will learn the physical shape of the movements needed to play each piece comfortably and reliably. And if you are not consistent with your fingering, then you will be much less confident and secure when you play in front of other people. Find piano teachers near me here!